Georgia : Long-term care notes


Georgia reports long-term care COVID-19 data for Nursing Homes and Personal Care Homes (a category Georgia uses to combine Assisted Living Facilities and Personal Care Homes with 25 beds or more). Data from Assisted Living Facilities and Personal Care Homes are reported together and categorized by CTP as Lumped or Other category in our dataset. Georgia reports cumulative data but not outbreak data. Georgia does provide facility-level data for Nursing Homes and Personal care Homes. Resident and staff cases are reported separately. Georgia reports resident deaths but does not report staff deaths.

Cumulative data includes resident cases, staff cases and resident deaths. Georgia does not report cumulative staff deaths.

Georgia does not report outbreak data.

Facility-level data includes facility name, facility type (Nursing Home or Personal Care Home), address, city, county, resident census, cumulative resident cases, cumulative staff cases, and cumulative resident deaths.

State source for long-term care data is found by navigating to “Long-Term Care Facility COVID-19 Report” and “Click here to view today’s report.”

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Facility notes

The state provides facility-level cumulative data. The state does not provide facility-level outbreak data. Cumulative facility-level data was first reported by the state on 2020-05-21.

Because each state reports facility-level data differently, CTP has produced a number of scripts to make the dataset as standardized and comprehensive as possible. This state uses the following scripts: post_processing, standardize_data. More information on each of these scripts can be found in our Airtable Facility Script Annotations. (